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 When I became a mom my favorite thing about photography was being able to capture all of the moments that are so easily forgotten. As my daughter has grown and we’ve added a son to the mix parenting has gotten much harder. It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of the day, bad behavior, sibling fights, constant messes, etc. I get stressed and overwhelmed on a regular basis as I’m sure most any mom does.

Photography has truly become therapy for me. It helps me to focus on the beauty of parenting and childhood. Obviously I’m not taking photos of the kids when they’re fighting, the dirt they track onto my freshly washed floors, or the insanely large stacks of laundry sitting in our playroom. Rather, I’m taking photos of their gorgeous eyelashes when they sleep. I’m taking photos of them laughing as they jump around in the rain. I’m taking photos of their little hands turning the pages of their favorite book. I’m taking photos of the intense looks on their faces as they put a new puzzle together.

These photos force me to look at their innocence and focus on the pure absolute beauty of childhood. That’s what I love doing for my clients as well. I love the quote “The days are long, but the years are short.” I want to help people look over the trials and stresses of the long days of parenthood and focus on the details of their children that they want to remember as the years pass.

Meet Mary

Jacksonville Fl, Custom Portraiture

Mary Huszcza of 8.08 Photography specializes in births, newborns, and the first year. She also offers milestone sessions for older babies/children and families on a limited basis. Mary has trained, both online and in person, with some of the most prominent photographers in the industry. She received a Master’s Degree in occupational therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2001 and has spent her career working with babies and children with special needs. You can rest assured that Mary has the training and skills necessary to safely handle the most important little person in your life and deliver beautiful images that you’ll treasure forever.

Mary Huszcza owner of 8.08 Photography

A huge thanks to Twig & Olive Photography for these beautiful photos of my little family.