Little Louise

Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot in Ponte Vedra

Capturing brand new lives on camera is one of the most rewarding jobs out there! I am so happy when I was booked to do this newborn lifestyle photoshoot in Ponte Vedra. The first few months of raising a newborn is hectic and overwhelming enough, which is why I offer to do lifestyle photo sessions where the family can feel relaxed in the comforts of their own home. I am here to make your session as stress-free and fun as possible!

In this beautiful photoshoot, I had the honor to work with little Louise and her family. Two month old Louise and adorable big sister, Elizabeth, were all smiles and giggles. This family had such a beautiful light and airy home which made for amazing natural lighting and neutral backgrounds.  Our session was very laid back and easy for everyone involved. My favorite moment for me was when little Louise would look straight at my camera and just smile. With lifestyle photoshoots, you can’t plan too much ahead of time. The candid smiles and poses are better captured in the moment. Louise and her family were a delight to capture on camera and I absolutely love how their photos turned out.

My biggest tip for couples who are considering a lifestyle photoshoot for their newborn is to try to keep your routine as normal as possible. For instance, if naptime falls near the time of the photoshoot, do not try to get your baby to play and be active. Just let them be sleepy and snuggly. A baby always feels more at ease when they stick to their comfortable routine. Whenever I come into a family’s house, I try to keep the day as “normal” as possible. When the baby feels comfortable, it comes across in the quality of photos.



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