So Much Can Change in 6 Weeks

At the end of July I shared the story of my best friend and her battle with cancer.  My Best Friend Has Cancer

Amanda entered the hospital 5 days after I photographed her family due to complications from chemotherapy.  She spent approximately 6 weeks there and was finally able to return home to her family last Sunday.  That 6 weeks took a tremendous toll on her body.

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5 days prior to chemo related hospitalization.

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Getting ready to leave the hospital after 6 long weeks.

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Getting ready to leave the hospital after 6 long weeks.


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Getting ready to leave the hospital after 6 long weeks.

Last year we started a fundraiser for her and raised quite a bit of money. Amanda and her husband, Scott, used every bit of your generous donations throughout the year. She was diagnosed exactly a year ago and has worked minimally since then secondary to the effects of chemo. This family relied on Amanda’s income to make ends meet. Three kids, child care, food, bills…you know the deal. So they are struggling financially again today.

So I ask of my friends again to take a look at her fundraising page and read her story. I get asked all of the time, “how can I help her?” or “let me know if she needs anything.” Well, point blank, donating to her is the most beneficial way to help this family. It will alleviate that point of stress in their lives so that she can focus on getting stronger.

I wish I could tell each and every one of you all of the amazing things that this woman has done for other people during her life, but I’d be here for days writing.

I  have 3 challenges for those of you reading this:

1. If you’ve been touched by Amanda’s kindness/generosity or know a story of how she’s helped others, go down to the bottom of this page and tell us the story in the comments.

2. Donate.  Whatever you feel led to give.  Be it $5, $50, or $500.  This family will be forever grateful for whatever amount you can spare.

Amanda’s Fundraising Page

3.  Share this page with others.  I’d love to see how many people we can get this to who have been touched by Amanda’s life.  I want to fill this page with comments about her love for others.  I want her to see just how many people she’s touched.  I can only imagine the strength that will give her to continue fighting.

Much love to you all.