1 Year | Jacksonville Family Photographer

Layne’s newborn session was one of my favorites.   During her session I had several “aha” moments about positioning and lighting and it was somewhat of a turning point in my  career as a newborn photographer.  I recently caught up with her to do her 1 year photos.  She’s every bit as beautiful as she was as a newborn, but now she has these amazing curls and countless hilarious expressions!LY7A1336 copyLY7A1344 copyLY7A1368 copyLY7A4524 copyLY7A4534 copyLY7A4543 copyLY7A4549 copyLY7A4552 copyLY7A4563 copyLY7A4574 copyLY7A4575 copyLY7A4601 copyLY7A4609 copyLY7A4622 copyLY7A4637 copyLY7A4639 copyLY7A4664 copyLY7A4669 copyLY7A4672 copy